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Biotech Grad Featured in Georgetown Medicine Magazine

Duncan Kimbell

After decades of experience in the investment field, Kimbell returned to school for a M.S. degree in Biotechnology at Georgetown University. Now he is pursuing a Ph.D. in pharmacology. “My time in the investment business taught me that learning never stops, and one needs to continuously expand the number of tools” said Kimbell in an interview with Biomedical Graduate Education.  

Interested in Kimbell’s experience as a trader, angel investor, board member, charity founder and research projects as a Ph.D. student? Read the full interview.

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Kimbell Duncan has 27 years of experience in the investment business. Beginning his career at Goldman, Sachs & Co. in 1987, he also worked for Nomura International, Credit Suisse (Europe) and Mizuho International leading teams conducting principal investment activities for the firms. He is an active angel investor and sits on the boards of PepTCell Limited, Pharmajet Inc, inFirst Healthcare Ltd., Curemark LLC, Curelon LLC and Spatial View Inc. He co-founded the Rush Foundation in the UK and founded the Rush Charitable Foundation in the U.S.  He graduated from Master’s in Biotechnology program in 2015.