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Samuel Fu (’14)

BS in Chemistry, 2012
University of California, Davis
MS in Biotechnology, 2014
Georgetown University
PharmD Candidate, 2018
University of Kentucky, College of Pharmacy

I am fascinated by the clinical aspects of pharmaceuticals, but also enjoy the challenge and mission of basic scientific research. I graduated from the University of California, Davis in 2012, with a degree in Chemistry and was unsure which career path to pursue.

Subsequently, I took a position at an independent pharmacy, where I was exposed to the concept of cost-benefit analysis in therapy management. I worked with pharmacists as they determined the best therapeutic option, based on scientific evidence, and what was most cost-effective for the patient. The owner of the pharmacy showed me how to run a successful business and offer excellent patient care services in a competitive environment. This experience solidified my desire to combine clinical knowledge and business acumen to improve patient care.

The Georgetown Biotechnology Program provided the perfect blend of science and business. The science coursework allowed me to build on my science-intensive background and prepared me for the rigorous curriculum of pharmacy school. The business coursework covered a variety of topics that are related to enhancing patient care, such as the investment process behind drug development, patent regulations, manufacturing, and marketing. Additionally, I was able to take advantage of the unique opportunities offered at Georgetown, such as the option to take science-focused finance courses at the McDonough School of Business, taught by leading professionals in the field.

The hybrid curriculum and other opportunities at Georgetown provided a solid foundation that will enhance my ability to make a positive impact on patients as a pharmacist beyond the dispensary.

I can say with confidence that the Georgetown Biotechnology Program was a watershed experience. As I enter into my second year at the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy, I will always carry with me one of Dr. Chirikjian’s mantras, “Don’t take yourself too seriously, but take what you do very seriously.”