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Peter Sykora’s Biography

Dr. Peter Sykora is the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at Amelia Technologies in downtown DC, the last company founded by the late Professor Jack Chirikjian. He has been an adjunct professor at Georgetown University for 3 years, teaching a range of topics broadly revolving around cutting-edge biology including DNA damage and repair, genome engineering, aging, biotechnology and DNA/RNA techniques. He has been a prolific scientist for over two decades, with research that focuses on the intersect of DNA repair, age-related degeneration and emerging technologies.

Peter graduated from Deakin University in Melbourne Australia before doing a Post-doctoral fellowship at the National Institute of Aging (NIA), in Baltimore where he studied DNA repair in Alzheimer’s disease, developing a new mouse model that more accurately recapitulated human patient symptoms. He went on to become faculty and oversee a technology development facility at the Mitchell Cancer Institute in Alabama, assisting researchers to bring new molecular techniques and technology to market.

Peter completed his MBA in 2019 and is a scientific advisor to biology-based companies in the Maryland, DC area. He is the associate editor of the Frontiers in Aging – interventions journal and does outreach activities with community-based science programs including Baltimore Underground Science Space (BUGSS).