Alumni Profiles
Beyond the Degree

Mehrnaz Momenian Millwater (’05)

Medstar Georgetown University Hospital, Student Health Clinic

I owe a large part of my career to the Georgetown University’s Master in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology with Specialization in Biotechnology & Bioinformatics Program.

In 2004, I had just graduated from the University of Virginia and wanted to go to medical school but knew I wasn’t ready and wasn’t 100% sure. I walked into Dr. Chirikjian’s office and he graciously spoke to me about my goals. He told me to apply to his program as it would help me solidify and achieve my goals. With the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, I strengthened my knowledge of the basic and advanced sciences and with Biotechnology and Bioinformatics, I gained terrific insight into scientific manufacturing and legalities. I also had a fascinating externship at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Initially after I completed the program in 2005, I quickly secured a position with a drug delivery consultant firm. I was able to use all that I had learned from the program to provide the firm’s clients with significant, intelligent data. Meanwhile, I was also applying to medical school to see if that was my true calling and I was accepted to Eastern Virginia Medical School the next year. I ended up choosing Medicine over consulting as I thought it better suited my personality. Coincidentally, during medical school, I was taught Immunology using the same textbook as was used in the program—it definitely made the course so much easier. I graduated from Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, VA in 2010 and came back up to DC to complete my Internal Medicine residency at Georgetown University’s Medstar Washington Hospital Center.

I was able to then transition from residency into a Hospitalist position working directly with the Medstar Heart & Vascular Institute’s Cardiology Division in 2013. I spent 4 thrilling years working directly with General Cardiologist, Electrophysiologist, but mostly with the Advanced Heart Failure Cardiologists and Surgeons. I was directly involved with the care of patients with acute heart attacks, heart rhythm abnormalities, and heart failure requiring heart pumps and transplants. While I loved my position and found it intellectually invigorating, I had an adorable little boy born in 2016 and he wanted mom home more often than the position allowed. So most recently in the summer of 2017, I accepted a position at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital’s Student Health Clinic. While still very new to this position, it has provided my family and me a great work-life balance with exciting opportunities to work with the students from all of the Georgetown University programs and to spend more time with my son.

I strongly believe that if it were not for Dr. Chirikjian and this all-embracing program, I would not have had the wonderful career opportunities or my loving family. Thank you so much, Dr. C!