The Georgetown Difference

Unique, Experiential, Innovative, and Diverse

Unique Program Features

1 Year Program

As a full-time student, you will have the ability to complete your Master’s degree in one academic year. This accelerated pace is ideal for students who aspire to work or continue to other advanced degrees after they graduate.

7 Tracks of Emphasis

Unique to the program is students’ ability to tailor their education to their interests. Courses in each track are carefully selected to maximize learning in a multi-faceted educational model.

Capstone Internship

The capstone of the MS Biotechnology program is the 280-hour for credit internship. With our expansive professional network in the greater DC area, this is a fantastic opportunity to forge connections for your future, and a staple of every track.

Summer at LLNL

Each summer, top students in our program can spend a 10-week internship at The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where students have opportunities to engage in unique and cutting-edge research conducted at LLNL.

Ideal Location

Where Science Meets Policy

Washington DC is home to the U.S. Congress and numerous federal agencies involved in biotechnology issues, including NISTNIHFDAUSDA, and offers career opportunities in regulatory affairs, quality assurance, scientific policy, patent law, and beyond.

BioHealth Capital Region

Washington, DC National Capital Region is home to the I-270 Bio Corridor in Maryland, a state that is in the top ten life sciences clusters in the U.S. and home to more than 500 biotech firms and 2000 life science companies. To the south Virginia has over 300 bioscience firms.

Experiential Curriculum

Hands-on Learning

The best way to learn something is to do it, we understand! Our classes are designed to prepare students for real-world scenarios, with current and universal laboratory techniques and protocols and projects with checkpoint deadlines.

Real-life Skills

Our program provides professionally-relevant skills training for presenting, public speaking, both scientific and business-oriented writing, grant writing, case-study analysis, marketing yourself and products, negotiating licenses, creating a hypothetical business plan to start your own biotechnology company, and more.

The People

Professors are Practitioners

Most courses in the Biotech program are taught by working professionals in their respective fields. When professors are practitioners first, the information being taught is accurate and up-to-date in a dynamic field that changes rapidly.

Transparent & Supportive Administration

We are here to support you, from advising, planning course schedules, to help with housing and other logistics. We are here for our students. Contact us with questions.

Expansive Alumni Network

We have generated a robust network of alumni industry leaders, many of whom return as guest lecturers, mentors, and connect students with internships, the key to “getting your foot in the door”. 

Diverse and Inclusive Student Demographics

Varied perspectives are welcomed and celebrated here, with dozens of countries represented over the years, and a wide range of ages and life experiences among our students. Check out our students’ work.