Certificate vs Master of Science

What is the difference between Certificate and Master of Science programs?

Two Great Program Options

The certificate program and the BioBuisness Track in the master’s program equip students for managerial positions in the biotechnology and bio-pharmaceutical industries.

Certificate Program Master of Science Program
2 Semester Program
2 Semester Program
10 Credits 30 Credits
4 Core Courses

8 Core Courses
(Track Dependent)

5 Elective Courses 8 Elective Courses
No Capstone Project Capstone Project
No Tracks 6 Tracks
Who Would Benefit?


  • PhD Program Graduate Students
  • Post-doctorate Trainees at GU
  • Medical students
  • Young Faculty
  • Research Associates
  • Research Scientists
Who Would Benefit?


  • Undergraduate Students
  • People interested in advanced degrees such as MBA, JD, PhD, MD, PharmD