Complete the program in 2-3 semesters.


10 Credits,
Full-Time or Part-Time


Learn the basics of business in order to transition from the academic field into the industry sector.

The Certificate in Biotechnology BioBusiness provides scientists, who would like to explore management opportunities, business skills and opportunities in the biotechnology and bio-pharmaceutical industries.

Biotechnology has catalyzed a vibrant industry that continues to be a major engine of economic growth for the US and global economies. The demand for PhD scientists with business backgrounds to serve in managerial positions in the biotechnology industry continues to grow. The certificate aims to equip PhD scientists with the proper training to fill managerial positions.

Degree Requirements

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Course Schedule

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Course Schedule

Certificate vs Master's

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Application Process

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Why a degree in Biotechnology?

The biotechnology industry is a vibrant growth industry that is one of the pillars of our national economy. The global industry has demonstrated a need for individuals who have combined business and science backgrounds to effectively lead life science multinational companies.