Alumni Profiles
Beyond the Degree

Brent Knoblauch (’17)


Consultant, Quorum Consulting

You often do not fully understand the true value of your education until you are too far removed to personally thank the faculty and mentors who instilled that education in you. This has definitely been the case for me. On graduation day I knew that I had learned a lot about the biotech industry, but what I didn’t know, was how exactly I was going to use that knowledge moving forward in my future career.

Thanks to Georgetown University’s prestige and resources, I was able to connect on campus with a life science consulting firm based in San Francisco. After their presentation I expressed my interest in working in the consulting industry and exchanged contact information. After multiple phone interviews and a trip to San Francisco I managed to land a job in consulting. If it hadn’t been for my time at Georgetown, and the experience I gained during my required internship and course work I honestly don’t believe I would be in the position I am in today.

Within the first week of starting my new career in consulting I could tell that my time at Georgetown equipped me with the tools I needed to not only succeed, but to excel.

The knowledge I gained in my various courses comes in handy on an almost daily basis.

I can confidently say that I would not be where I am right now in my career without the help of the great mentors and professors I had during my time in the Georgetown University Biotech Master’s Program.