Master of Science in Biotechnology

10 Months

30 Credits
Full-Time or Part-Time

Maintain a 3.0 GPA

What You’ll Learn

Georgetown University’s unique Master in Biotechnology Program integrates science and biotechnology-based business with a 30-credit degree requirement. It can be completed in just two semesters, allowing both flexibility for self-discovery and career orientation.

We focus on developing leadership skills, teamwork and entrepreneurship that are essential for career success. A highlight of the program is the capstone internship, which allows students to gain the desired work experience. Internship opportunities are available in all the tracks that include research in industry, academic, and government laboratories and in business development, marketing, commercialization, finance, regulatory affairs, and technology transfer.


The Program requires graduates to be well versed in the science and business of biotechnology with an emphasis in one of five Tracks. Five of the tracks, BioBusinessBioScienceDrug Design and DiscoveryEntrepreneurship, and Industrial Sciences have specific requirements that upon completion students will receive a Program Certificate of Completion. While the Individualized Track offers latitude in the selection of courses from the Biotechnology Program and other programs at Georgetown University.

The BioBusiness Track is designed for those pursuing careers in business aspects of the biotech/biopharma industries. The track covers skills required for a successful business career in these industries, with its unique blend of business and bioscience courses.

The BioScience Track is designed for those pursuing higher degrees and careers in academic and industry research or health-related professions. The track offers a high concentration of science courses and facilitates entry into biotech industry laboratory management, product development, manufacturing and more areas.

The Drug Design & Discovery Track is designed for career paths including drug research and design, regulatory affairs, and more. Courses cover in-depth knowledge of processes involved in the use of technology and bioinformatics to design drugs. Science courses offered in this track focus on underlying disease mechanisms and the identification of drugs for biopharmaceutical targets. Other courses cover regulatory affairs, FDA approval process, Intellectual Property, current good manufacturing procedures and commercialization of pharmaceuticals.

The Entrepreneurship Track introduces life scientists to entrepreneurship and core business functions. Our program has a long-standing track record for life science entrepreneurship. Topics covered will include establishing a biotechnology company, raising funding, protecting scientific inventions, managing product development and more. This Track requires applicants to have a minimum of one-year full-time work experience.

The Industrial Sciences Track is designed for those pursuing a career in laboratory sciences, such as research and development, product development, manufacturing or laboratory management. Courses teach modern methods and biotechnology laboratory skill sets and emphasize graduate courses that have

The Individualized Track allows for selection of biotechnology graduate courses to construct a curriculum that is specifically designed for YOU, with your interests and career focus. Elective courses can be chosen from all existing tracks, as well as approved courses offered in other programs at the University.

Course Schedule

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Course Schedule


Student must complete the Capstone Internship Course.