Program Profile

Full or Part-time Option: Students can be admitted for full-time and part- time.

Enrollment Options:Fall or Spring

Length of Program:

  • Full-time: one academic year 
  • Part-time: maximum of 3 years 

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Welcome to the Biotechnology Master's Program at Georgetown University. 

Biotechnology is emerging as one of the fastest growing sectors of the global economy. Advances fueled by the biotechnology industry have revolutionized health care, agriculture and environmental remediation for the 21st century. Over the last four decades, biotechnology has affected all aspects of our society and the world.

Georgetown University offers a curriculum that reflects the multidisciplinary nature of biotechnology, integrating content and lab-based experimental science courses with an emphasis on  BioBusiness or BioScience tracks. On a full-time basis, students can complete the requirements in one academic year. 

Internships, described in the course descriptions, are available in biotechnology companies, government agencies, law firms, venture capital firms, and non-profit organizations. For the Bio Science track, students may select research laboratories in the biotechnology industry or at the Georgetown University Medical Center.