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  • Matthew D. Arnold (2000)

    Vice President, Head of Operations
    AstraZeneca’s IMED Biotech Unit

    “My career thus far has been extremely rewarding, and I can trace it all back to what I learned and the doors that were opened at Georgetown’s Biotechnology MS program.”

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  • Biotech Alum, Carol Ibe, wins prestigious Gates-Cambridge scholarship to study plant science

    Carol Ibe, a Georgetown alum, is among 40 scholars around the U.S. to win the Gates Cambridge scholarship to pursue PhD at Cambridge.

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  • Kanishka Pothula (2008)

    Managing Director
    BVF Partners L.P.

    “I have found a career that is a pure hybrid of my passion for both the science and business of Biotech. I could not have found this path on my own and I owe a lot of thanks to everyone at Georgetown’s Biotechnology MS program for helping me realize my goals.”

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  • Rebecca Gibbs (2013)

    PhD Student
    Harvard University

    “The greatest thing about this program is that it provides a comprehensive overview of the entire life science spectrum, including opportunities to gain real world experience outside of the classroom, thus allowing students to develop their unique interests and skills into various careers.”

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