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  • Lisa Parvin (2010)

    Project Coordinator
    School of Population and Public Health, University of British Columbia

    “With a wonderful blend of science and business courses, this program encourages students to think outside of the box and to dream big.”

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  • Peter Frantz (2005)

    Senior Director, Finance 
    Amarex Clinical Research, LLC

    “Because of my internship and the courses taken during the program, management of our Intellectual Property portfolio was added to my responsibilities.”

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  • Anurag Patnaik (2012)

    Product Development Lead 
    Ceres Nanosciences

    “Georgetown’s one year MS Biotechnology program stood out from the rest. First it was an intense one year program, and I could get back to work without taking a long break. Second it offered a nice mix of business as well as science courses.”

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  • Sapna Padmanabhan (2009)

    Global Market Development Manager
    Thermo Fisher Scientific

    “One of my favorite courses in the program was Entrepreneurial Biotechnology, which allowed us to work in teams to develop business plans for introducing a new biological product into the market, from inception through implementation.”

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  • Hannah Njau (2012)

    Project Manager
    Science Engagement at CRDF Global

    “One of the best parts of the program is that industry experts provide insight into the current state and future outlook of the industry. This was extremely helpful in gaining clarity on which areas to focus on and pursue in my career.”

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  • Sarala Kal (2014)

    Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

    “I have finally figured out what I want to do with my life because of this program.”

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  • Armineh Ghazarian (2013)

    Grant Writer
    Lombardi Cancer Center

    “The opportunity to leverage the coursework to real world applications through my internships further enriched my learning experience and prepared me for my career post-graduation.”

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  • Elvena Fong (2007)

    Health Data Analytics Manager
    Oklahoma State University

    “I am certain that I will keep learning, growing, and building on top of the foundation that I have gained here at Georgetown.”

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  • Ross Chudnovskiy (2014)

    Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

    “What I liked most about this program is that it took a real life approach to my education. I was able to learn the skills employers seek out which prepared me to get into the workforce as soon as I graduated.”

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  • You-shin Chen (2007)

    Senior Scientist
    FAST Diagnostic Systems, LLC

    “The program welcomed students from different background and with different dreams, and helped them fulfill their goals by all means.”

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