Course Descriptions

Business Core Courses: 10 Core Credits

BCHB-509 Introduction to the Biotechnology Industry (3 fall)

The course will take an in-depth look at various aspects of the Industry. Emphasis will focus on established Biotechnology and BioPharma companies. Topics covered will include venture capital, intellectual property, and career opportunities, products and their market shares. Contributions will be made from senior scientists and business managers from the biotechnology industry.  

Chirikjian, J.

BCHB-510 Entrepreneurial Biotechnology (3 spring)

Introduction to problems and opportunities of start-up biotechnology companies. An in-depth look at various aspects from the start up of a biotechnology company to an exit strategies for investors.  Students will develop and report assigned case studies based on their ideas for start up biotechnology companies. Contributions will be made from senior venture capitalists, industrial scientists and business managers. 

Chirikjian, J.

BCHB-520 Financial Matrix for Biotechnology (1 fall)

Focuses on financial aspects of a biotechnology company.  Emphasis on basics of accounting and establishing a company budget.  

Burleson, R., Gove, M., Morrow, M. and Hartwell, P.

BCHB-523 Intellectual Property (2 fall)

The course provides an opportunity for students to learn about intellectual property rights and their uses in biotechnology. Topics addressed include: rights conferred by different types of intellectual property; the uses of biotechnology patents; determining “patentability,” interpreting the rights conferred by a patent; the patent-granting system in the US and elsewhere, patent costs and values; and the post grant processes for enforcing and challenging US patents.

Millstein, L. and House, A.

BCHB-543 cGLMP Current Good Laboratory & Manufacturing Practices (1 spring)

This course is designed to familiarize students with Current Good Laboratory and Manufacturing Practices (cGLMP), the rules and regulations that guide the manufacture of FDA-approved biopharmaceutical and biotechnology products.

Mintz, C.

Science Core Courses: 8 or 11 Core Credits

BCHB-513 Core Concepts of Biochemistry (4 fall)

Survey of biochemistry and molecular biology concepts, with emphasis on applications to biotechnology.

Rosenthal, C. and Faculty

BCHB-507, 508 Laboratory Appl. of Biotechnology (3 fall & spring)

A hands-on, laboratory-based course that introduces students to core techniques such as electrophoretic analysis of nucleic acids and proteins, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), Southern blotting, ELISA and western blotting, protein purification, tissue culture, DNA cloning, cell culture and Bioinformatics. 

Chirikjian, J. and Faculty

BCHB-526 Core Methods of Biotechnology (3 fall & spring)

  • Required for students in BioScience Track
  • Optional for students in BioBusiness Track

This course introduces the student to the scientific methodology of biotechnology and biochemistry. Topics include analysis, purification, and quantification of nucleic acids and proteins, PCR and qPCR applications, DNA microarrays, next generation sequencing, basic and advanced cloning techniques, protein-protein interactions, molecular diagnostics, protein and nucleic acid therapeutics, molecular vaccines, bionanotechnology, plant biotechnology, and product development..  

Bazar, L. and Donahue, R.

BCHB-514, 515 Introduction to Bioinformatics (1 fall & spring)

Introduction to bioinformatics with an emphasis on resources that are available and used in biotechnology.

Vasudevan, S.