Jack G. Chirikjian, Ph.D.  

Professor & Director of Biotechnology Program

Dr. Chirikjian is the Founding Director of the M.S. program in Biotechnology at Georgetown. He has mentored and graduated many PhD students who pursued various careers in academics, industry and government. He organized the curriculum for the M.S. Biotechnology program at Georgetown that was shared with several other Universities. He is the scientific founder of BRL, ONCOR, Trevigen and Edvotek that introduced molecular biology reagents for science education.

Vasna Nontanovan, M.S.  

Associate Director of Biotechnology Program

Ms. Nontanovan is a graduate of the Master's in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at Georgetown herself, and oversees the day-to-day operation of the program. She also teaches several courses for the Biotech program.

Karen Brotherton, M.S.  

Manager of Biotechnology Program

Ms. Brotherton is a graduate of this program, Master's in Biotechnology. She brings her expertise of the program and Georgetown to our students.