M.S. Degree in Biotechnology

About the M.S. Biotechnology Program (30 credits)

Biotechnology is emerging as one of the fastest growing sectors of the global economy. Advances fueled by the biotechnology industry have revolutionized health care, agriculture and environmental remediation for the 21st century. Over the last three decades, biotechnology has affected various aspects of our society and the world. Georgetown University offers a curriculum that reflects the multidisciplinary nature of Biotechnology, integrating content and lab-based experimental science courses with an emphasis on business or science tracks. Students pursue defined core courses for the different tracks in the biotechnology program. For the science track, students may select research laboratories in the biotechnology industry or at the Georgetown University Medical Center. Internships, described in the course descriptions, are available in biotechnology companies, government agencies, law firms, and for non-profit organizations. On a full-time basis, students can complete the requirements in one academic year.

Hallmarks of the Program

  • Preparation for careers in Biotechnology and the Biomedical Sciences
  • Transition to various doctorate or other advanced educational programs
  • Internships in research laboratories and industry
  • Flexibility to pursue full-time and part-time studies
  • Customized programs for professionals making career transitions
  • Elective courses from Medical Center and University Graduate Programs


Core Courses: 24 credits in core areas:

Core Courses
8 credits
Core Courses
10 credits
BCHB-507/508, 513, 526/547
Core Course
4 credits
Core Courses
2 credits
Non-Credit Courses
0 credits

Elective Courses: 6 credits in an area of emphasis:

6 credits

6 credits

Create Your Own
6 credits

CORE COURSES: 24 credits required

Business Core (8 credits) CR/SEM
BCHB-509 Introduction to the Biotechnology Industry 3F
BCHB-510 Entrepreneurial Biotechnology 3B
BCHB-520 Financial Matrix for Biotechnology 1F
BCHB-523 Intellectual Property 1F

Science Core (10 credits) CR/SEM
BCHB-513 Core Concepts of Biochemistry 4F
BCHB-507,508 Laboratory Applications of Biotechnology 3B
BCHB-526 Core Methods of Biotechnology OR 3B
BCHB-547 Intro to Core Methods of Biotechnology (P/F; no letter grade) 3B

Capstone Core (4 credits) CR/SEM
BCHB-502 Biotech. Industry Internship 4F,S,SU

General Core (2 credits) CR/SEM
BCHB-514,515 Introduction to Bioinformatics 1B
BCHB-543 Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) 1S

Required Non-credit Courses CR/SEM
BCHB-539 Lab Safety 0
BCHB-539 Radiation Safety 0
BCHB-554 Research Ethics & Integrity 0
BCHB-590 Introduction to Internship 0

TRACK EMPHASIS: 6 credits required

BioBusiness Track CR/SEM
BCHB-512 International Biotechnology 1S
BCHB-533 Emerging Biotechnology 2S
BCHB-550 Mgmt Strategies for Biotech Industry 1S
BCHB-551 Commercialization for the Biotechnology Industry 1S
BCHB-559 New Frontiers in Biotechnology 1F
BCHB-912 Science Education and Comm. Outreach 0B
Course from the Business School (by permission)
Course from the Undergraduate School (by permission)

BioScience Track CR/SEM
BCHB-516 Molecular Medicine 2B
BCHB-522 Drug Target & Design 1S
BCHB-525 Immunobiotechnology 2S
BCHB-527 Food Biotechnology 2S
BCHB-529 Biotechnology-based Human Diagnostics 2S
BCHB-545 Essentials of Programmed Cell Death 1F
BCHB-533 Emerging Biotechnology 2S
BCHB-534 Environmental Biotechnology 2B
BCHB-534 Programmed Cell Death 2F
BCHB-536 Cell Culture Applications in Biotech 2S
BCHB-537 Fermentation and Bioprocessing 2B
BCHB-562 Agricultural Biotechnology 2F
BCHB-564 Essentials of Environmental Biotech 1B

Create Your Own Track CR/SEM
Choice of 6 credits 6

Semester: F - Fall Only; S - Spring Only; B - Fall & Spring

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