About Us

The Biotechnology Program is an Interdisciplinary masters program at Georgetown University.  Students in the Biotechnology Program receive a solid curriculum that blends concepts in biomedical sciences and business applications, in addition to an introductory foundation in intellectual property and regulatory affairs.

We believe that receiving solid foundations in both will enable graduates to easily diversify when the need arises regardless of the course they planned.

Our Mission and Values

The Georgetown University Biotechnology Program is committed to all students who wish to further their knowledge in the exciting and vibrant field of biotechnology.  

We believe in hybridizing science with other disciplines in the continuous quest to improve ourselves and in turn humanity.

We provide the resources and culture to future entrepreneurs who wish to be laboratory scientists as well as entrepreneurs.

Our main responsibility is to our students and we stand for the future they wish to create for themselves.

Our Genesis

The Masters of Science in Biotechnology program was founded in 1996 as a response to the rapid advances in the field of biotechnology and the need to train future scientists, leaders and entrepreneurs to meet the demand of the biotechnology indsutry as a whole.  

The program was founded by Dr. Jack Chirikjian, professor of Biochemistry at Georgetown University. He envisioned Georgetown as a leading institution in educating and preparing future leaders in research and management for the biotechnology industry.  Having started four companies by then, Dr. Chirikjian beleived that his trials and tribulations were valuable learning moments to share with young scientists and business men and women so that they may benefit from the challenges that confronted him.  

Since enrolling our first class of 8 students in 1997, the Biotechnology MS program has graduated over 600 students, most of whom have gone on to successful careers in higher education, biomedical research, and industry. 

In 2017, the program will celebrate its 20th anniversary as a vibrant and successful MS program at the Georgetown University Medical Center.